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Music on Radio and Television

Life has many shades and the shades of life keep on changing. One day you feel that your life is like a rainbow with diverse colours while on the other day it takes the shape of a dark night and you see gloom all around. Music and melody are something that bring diversity and new colors in life. “If music be the food of love, play on” This is a famous line from a Shakespearian play. Leopold Stokowski has rightly said that a painter paints pictures on canvas,but musicians paint their pictures on silence.

The ability to enjoy and appreciate music is part of human instinct. Music is nothing but a synchronized combination of sounds that gives meaning to life and to world at large. Music is everywhere. You can hear it when morning breeze passes through a Jungle touching delegate flowers and leaves. It is there when the air pushes water in the form of waves and these waves strike with others or with the shore. Even the silence of stars and their light at night fills your heart with music.

The desire to listen to good music has been there since inception of mankind, but, I wonder how people would be getting food for soul when there was no Radio & Television. The memories of time when radio was the only source of music are also very romantic. One can imagine the early teen years and radio playing on the bedside at night. The melodious voice of the favorite Singer singing the favourite song would fill the heart with sweet emotions. The entry of Television into the scene added spice to ravishing food of music.

Radio has been providing entertainment through music since early 20th Century. The programs have passed through various phases. Once the airing of concert would be the hottest program. It has come to ratings and music charts from Your Hit Parade. Programs where people rate audio and video songs have always been very popular on both radio and television.

The establishment of exclusive music channels of radio and television gave a new dimension to the role of electronic media in providing serenity and melodies to human ears. Channels like MTV, CMT and V are very popular among the youth. Despite great progress of video technology and television the charm of music on radio has not diminished. Radio playing in your Car is usually your best companion that soaks your heart in romantic feelings.

Internet Radio is the latest inclusion that has almost surpassed all other media in providing non-stop easily available melodies. Internet streaming is there for iPhones and Blackberry. It is not restricted to any place or time. We can call it non-spatial and non-temporal. You can enjoy it everywhere, whether you are on the move or sitting at your home or office. The availability of radio through Internet has globalized your local radio stations. Same is true for Television as you can access your favorite music show on television through Internet from any place in the World.

Music with the help of global radio stations and music television channels has gained universality. The musicians and singers have their fans in different continents. Michal Jackson or Madonna are no more national figures. They are International. In this way music bring peoples together. Berthold Auerbach says that Music washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life. So, radio and television play their roles in keeping our lives clean through music.


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