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My Blues

Although the blues is associated with misery and oppression, for instance when one gets a misfortune, betrayal and regret, you lose your job, you get the blues, but the lyrics could also be humorous. It owes its origin to Deep South of the United States, created primarily within the African-American communities at the end of the 19th century from spirituals, work songs, field hollers, shouts and chants, and rhymed simple narrative ballads. Blues nowadays focus almost exclusively on relationship woes or sexual worries.

This type of music is liked by many people because it does not discriminate; it is suitable to all calibers of people. It deals with personal adversity, it goes beyond self pity. It is about overcoming hard luck, brings out ones feelings, through it you can rid yourself of frustration and it is simply fun listening to it. Blues like: “when will I get to be called a man,” All by myself,” by Big Bill Broonzy; “Tear drops from my eyes,” “Don’t deceive me,” by Ruth Brown; “I have got a woman,” “Hit the road Jack,” by Ray Charles and many more blues bring people to the present day realities in their lives, they sooth and comfort them during trying times.

Hip hop music was good during the teen years, a time when one is looking for attention from people around him or her. Listening to or associating with this type of music tended to bridge that gap. It was something fashionable and we did it mostly to impress our peers. But as one grows, becomes enlightened, natural forces starts bearing on him or her and responsibilities become more, tastes and preferences change, and that is why blues come in. It becomes a place of refuge from all those troubles. Education also plays a big role in this change. Through education one’s social class changes, they way you one perceives things in life also changes drastically. All these have been the determining factors in my change of taste, and can be taken to be just but life experiences.

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