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Robert Schumann

Robert Schumann was music critic, his work Widmung is a piece of a solo piano recital that is a composition that expresses the feelings, emotions, fears, frustrations, fears and the needs of the life of a human being. This composition had poems that accompanied its recitals. These poems were prolifically bound with velvet writings that were in scripted and had romantic message performance (John, 2007).

Widmung has a text of music and melody that is carefully and systematically arranged so in order to reveal the main theme of the piece of the music is love. This song has several devices that were later used in the later works of the pianist, these devices include the enharmonic music sequence to the main section of the song of the A Flat major up to the E flat major and the extensive keyboard passage. This piece of music art is also unique as it has changed in its texts composition via the repetition of the last of the final verse. These alterations are very significant in bringing about the in-depth meaning of the piece of work. In addition, the alteration of the last verse of the song develops an instrumental effect that brings the romantic mood. The Widmung work also comprises of rising and falling music pattern. The depth of the Widmung song had a widespread recognition and approval due to the exceptional way that the melody of the song is applied to bring about the thematic influence of love on its audience. In addition, the Widmung can be performed in a different pattern or tone in order to bring out difference in the desired feeling that is intended to be achieved via the performance (John, 2007).


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