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Role of Music

Role of music in the real world of today’s American society

Music plays the role of entertainment in the American society today, which is commonly observed all over the country. The American music industry that includes rap, hip-hop, blues, and pop music promote entertainment industry in the American society. Different joints in American society play music mainly to entertain its customers. This attracts more customers to this joints thus promoting and improving their businesses. Music acts as a medium of communication through the American society of today. Music promotes the culture of different communities in American society. Music presented to people using different languages promotes communities cultural values in the American society. Cultural songs explain the origin of certain communities and how they spread across the nation. People pass different information through their music to the American people, which act as a tool that shapes their morals.

Political songs sung during political rallies pass a very important message to the American people, which make them have good choices on their leaders. Qualities of some of the leaders brought to people’s minds through songs, which are sung during campaigns. Gospel music used in churches is mainly to pass God’s word to the American people. This gospel music sends different messages to the American society of the importance of knowing God. Music creates employment opportunities in the society where people are able to earn a living. Musicians take music as a carrier because of the talent they posses in music which earns them a source of income. Their performance at different joints earns them money that supports their way of life. American people employed in music industries such as studios thus enabling them to earn money, which sustains their lives. These industries have encouraged both the youth and elderly people to seek for employment opportunities, which in turn minimizes unemployment problem.

Music has expanded the education system in the American society, which is taught as a subject in the institutions. Different subjects related to music have been established in the institutions thus encouraging more people to join the institutions to get knowledge from the subjects. This has led to the expansion of the institutions to accommodate the large number of individuals taking music as a subject of choice. Music in the American society brings cultural exchange among the people through music sung using different languages. This enables different communities to learn the culture of other communities through their music.

Role of music to today’s children

Music enables children to participate in competitions at different schools, which in turn enables them to interact with one another. This competition in music among children enables them to sharpen their skills at different categories of their learning process. Skills acquired from music such as dancing helps them to develop their talents, which could benefit them in the future. Music to children acts as a perfect tool, which improves his or her emotional skills and language in general. It helps children to concentrate on their work, which in turn helps them to grab things easily when taught. It inspires children’s mind to take keen interest while doing their homework and while participating in extracurricular activities. Children with the ability to sing music are able to speak clearly and, louder to be heard, which enhances effective communication. Music when sung by children improves their pronunciation skills thus pronunciation of words becomes clear.

Music gives children the desire to learn more in the music related fields depending on the level of a child. It gives children courage to stand before people without any fear just like their teachers. This enables children to stand before a large gathering and sing without any fear building in him or her. Children while making music with others give them a wonderful feeling of belonging to the group. It makes children to be happy whereby they experience much joy and pleasure while listening to music. This may include use a rhythm instrument or singing a long a playing CD. Music is used by children in celebrating special events such as birthdays and national holidays. Music when sung as lullabies give today’s children a chance to take a nap during a soft classical music. Music enables children to learn different languages because songs sung using different languages. This promotes interaction among children thus promoting unity among them. While in class, music promotes language skills, which is mainly English thus the ability to communicate using a given language. It gives me courage to stand before people in class and present my work using effective language.

Music in class as a teacher enables integration of music into the curriculum to benefit a number of people who are interested in its study. A stronger and effective teaching strategy in classroom brought about by use of music as a teaching aid in classroom. Music in classrooms can reduce stress, change behavior, and enhance learning when in the bad mood. This will enhance harmony between the students and I as a teacher. Good understanding will be developed between the students and the teacher creating a good learning environment. As a teacher, power of music will minimize students from engaging in the discipline related cases, which in turn will affect academic performance. Employment of background music in the classroom will be considered to act as a tool, which will minimize or limit disruptions and behavior related problems. Results will indicate that student is performed better with the introduction of background music than before. A teacher can acquire foreign language in the classroom through music by foreign students, which will minimize stress. This will create understanding of one another in the class thus minimizing stress.

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Title; Like a Rolling Stone.

Composer; Bob Dylan

Performers; Antar, Jude Collins, Simon Carter

Instrumentation; Key board, piano, drums and guitars

Grade level; Children and youth in particular

Guitar by Frank Owens, drums by Bobby Gregg, piano by Paul Griffins and a video recorder

Like a rolling stone is a folk song sung by Bob Dylan in 1965. The song mainly describes a child who used to dress well but now the dressing has drastically changed. He does not have a home, and that is why he does not talk or does not seem to be proud. She used to go to the finest school, but no one had taught her to live on the streets. She had to get used to it because no one compromised with her. She was like a rolling stone, which had no home to go. The music is easy to understand and that is why I choose it for this lesson plan. The form of the music is a tool mainly used by composers in structuring their compositions. The main form used in this music is mainly sectional through connection of different sections. The rhythm of the music is mainly formed by rhyming words in the music, which creates musicality in the song. Strings of series notes brought together by particular pitch and duration create melody in the music. Music writer based his writing to children who are like rolling stones. Children who are the main audience of this music are targeted in such a way that they must learn from the music outcome. The music when recorded in 1965 and, that is why it was termed as folk music mainly for children.

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Listening to this music should enable children to achieve knowledge of understanding one another appropriately. Children should be able to listen to one another and achieve different goals and objectives from them. Children should be able to pronounce words effectively as used by musician during a music lesson. The children should be able to listen to rhyming words in the music to create musicality while communicating or singing any type of music. Students should gain knowledge of understanding historical musical styles, composition techniques and performance practice when performing. Children should be able to use different musical instruments in their music performance to enhance efficiency. They should develop the skills of preparing music as a professional career in recording using different recording materials. Knowledge acquired by children should prepare them for advanced career in music and music history.

Children will be motivated by satisfying their needs, which will be a primary method of keeping the children happy and interested before the music lesson. Positive emotions will be enhanced before the learning process, which will effect a lasting and strong memory during the music lesson. This will include making something exciting, funny or loving to children thus they will learn more readily and will last much longer. Children should be equipped with lots of energy before the music lesson, which will motivate them to listen to rock music that is popular to children than classical music. Children should be allowed to actively- participate in class activities before the lesson, which will make them motivated before the music lesson. This should include participation in groups to solve problems, helping children to do what they want in the best way of doing it and working with each other or being involved physically in the music lesson. Children motivated by presenting to them rewards for their good work done in the previous lessons. This will make them to participate actively in the fourth coming music lesson with high expectation of rewards after the lesson.

Questions should be presented to the children as the lesson goes on, which will determine their level of understanding of the music lesson. Questions when answered correctly will indicate that the children have understood the lesson but when answered wrongly will indicate they have not understood the lesson.


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