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Sibelius, Symphony No.2 is an absolute romantic orchestra with surging melodies. It is hard to conduct especially the final part, but exceedingly economical to perform. Performed in a major, the symphony has four distinct movements. These movements are the Allegretto, Tempo andante, Vivacissimo and Allegro moderato as the finale. The accompany instruments include flute bassoons, clarinets, aboes, trumpets, horns, trombones, timpani, tuba percussion, violins and cellos. The distinctive sound of tuba can be heard at the end of every movement. The cellos are melodious and have a hunting sound that make one easily understand why the symphony is at times mistaken for a freedom melody, and not a romantic orchestra that Sibelius intended it to be. The tempo isextremely distinctive, and a listener can almost tell the instruments apart even without seeing them. The performance is well synchronized as each movement starts and ends with a distinct tempo.

A live performance of the number two symphony by an orchestra is more moving than the recorded version, as the group can be seen moving from one movement to another through the guidance of the conductor. To a first time listener, this performance is more magical than one would expect. It makes an individual want close their eyes, yet at the same timeone does not want to miss the performers as they play the instrument through the four movements. The finale of close to forty minutes performance is something of an anticlimax, which leavesone hanging wishing the haunting sound is of the various instrument would never end. The recorded version is exciting to listen as the melody carry’s a listener along. The music blazes to and fro from the speakers differentiating the four movements as and carry’s a listener’s imagination with it. By closing one's eyes, one can almost imagine a conductor taking an orchestra through the movements.


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