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Sonata for Piano

The recording of Sonata for Piano no 3 in F minor, Op. 5 composed by Johannes Brahms, and performed by Jerome Rose is a thrilling recording. Jerome Rose plays this masterpeice with dedication and heaviness in touch. The Sonata for Piano no 3 in F minor has sweet, graceful lyrics. The piece starts with a high pitch, thundering octaves. Rose’s performance in this piece is explosive with the first movement starting in a haunting pitch from the “agitato”, and eases into “molto passionate movement”.

The lyrics begin with a haunting pitch that eases into a rhythmical tempo that is maintained throughout the entire piece up to the finale, when it eases into a lower tone for the last note. Rose’s performance is graceful and forceful, especially the second last movement where the tempo picks up, and is maintained up to the finale. The piece has a high degree of intensity that is accompanied by eloquent sound quality. The recording’s dynamics changes from a haunting start into an assertive high pitch preceded by a silent interval into a tempo that is maintained up to the finale. This deliberate silent interval is used to set the melodious tempo.

The performance has notes that have metered patterns making the piece sound as if it has differentiated rhythmic patterns. The tempo hover is evenly maintained except for the haunting beginning, and the slightly progressively fading finale. It has, however, a steady beat that sounds even throughout the piece. The haunting beginning of the piece and the fading finale gives the piece a seemingly changing character that sounds like a mixture of fast and slow rhythmic pattern. This, therefore, makes the beat sound as if deliberately grouped into fast and slow patterns; in an up and low tempo. The piece is one of the most electrifying performances by Rose that reveals her energetic assertive nature.


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