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Stephen Sondheim

Stephen Sondheim is an accomplished composer and a lyricist with multiple tony awards and Grammys including a Pulitzer for his music composition and lyrics. Besides writing theater musicals he has composed songs and movie tracks. He served as president for dramatists’ guild between the year 1973 to 1983 and a quarterly journal. His contribution includes forming crossword puzzles for the New York Times and writing film as well as television scripts. He is the founder of young playwrights an organization that has been introducing to the theaters the youthful writers since 1981. Rogers and Hammerstein on the other hand were accomplished composers and lyricists duo in the 1940s and 50s .They won multiple Grammys and Tony awards and had very popular musicals in their time. Stephen Sondheim is the most accomplished composer and lyricists since the duo. Besides popular plays and lyrics not to mention movies and books he has contributed immensely to help young upcoming playwrights and composers. He can therefore be argued to be the most relevant contributor to performance arts this century with immense contributions. His contributions to performance arts include not only in productions but also as a mentor of upcoming writers, composers and performers.

Musicals are productions that are created from popular songs or from composition by popular groups or artists. Book shows on the other hand are productions that are based on books. They differing since musicals are based on songs or artists and book shows are productions based on written works. Secondly musical productions have stories that revolve around the songs or their artists while book shows have stories which depict the books writings. Musicals are therefore not based on original works where book shows are productions based on original works.


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