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The Abstract Expressionism

The works of abstract expressionism were known to the majority of the American public. It was recognized by the influential art critics like Clement Green berg and Harold Rosenberg. Pop art on the other hand was known by almost every ordinary person (Angell, 50). The icons that were used for the pop art movement included famous individuals like Marilyn Monroe and Elvis Presley. Form the very start of the pop art movement, it was clear how the intention was to do away with the traditional form of art and embrace the populist images of well known subjects.

Pop art played a major role in expanding the world of painting and sculpture work to the ordinary people. This was a huge success and brought some relief to the people as for the first time, they could look at a piece of art and instantly recognize and appreciate it. It may not have been their favorite, but at least they had an idea of what it was all about. This was different from the exhibits they were used to seeing that made them feel intimidated on their level of appreciating art. This revolution made the museums and galleries more interesting to the public in general (Lenoir, 34).

When he started his revolution, Dada had a main agenda which was to downplay and completely submerge the traditional art that was being used at that time. Pop art on the other hand did not work with negative energy, but instead, its purpose was to bring out the social values from which it emerged. As a result of this, their major point of focus was at what was shared by most of the American consumers. This came out to be food, cars and sex. This was not a hard task as it was typically made able by using satirical imagery which had got a string visual impact. The pop artists were criticized for having gotten themselves involved and being part of such a subject matter. But in their defense, they said that they were simply going with the flow of the modern society. Pop art was hence considered to be the expression of a world which was completely pre occupied with the pursuit of the material needs for the people (Cresap, 80).

Pop art helped to revolutionize the world and its perception of art. The new style that accompanied the pop art movement was a major turning point especially when it came to the advertisements. The people started having that feeling of being part of the art world as they began to understand and appreciate what was being show cased at the galleries. This brought closer and the way some of the rich people always perceived themselves to be the only ones who knew art was halted. Pop art will never be forgotten on how it had an impact on the media world, the advertising world and the human nature of perceiving things.


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