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The Music Industry

The question of who owns the music has been in minds of everyone who listens to music. The answer to everyone concerning this question is the person who creates it. After deep investigation of this question, this answer seems to lack something as music belongs to the full race of humanity. For instance, music is like scientific facts that bear the name of the theorist, but in the real life, these facts do not belong to the theorists (Dann 55). Although theorists charge money for the books full of their facts, they do not keep on charging every time people want to use their facts. When music is originally, produced the original performers get their pay through CDs and their videos, and that is why they don’t keep on receiving payments of their music every time is played.

Through the music copyright the performers gets the right to make several copies of their CDs, and the right to distribute their music. If anyone can claim, the music is his or hers the owner has a way to prove his work through registration and can sue the damages infringed. The major part of the profit obtained from the sales of CDs and the artist and the producer enjoy music video. Is several cases other people also enjoy the money of the music but illegally through piracy. It is the right of the performer to reveal his or her identity obtained during registration if anybody else may claim that the music belongs to him or her.

In addition, the ownership of music is general as it benefits the whole public. Socially people gain much through music, and they rely on music as their main source of entertainment. Some types of music help the community in improving the moral aspects of life (Dann 78). Most of songs are full of moral lessons that help greatly to shape the society. Economically, the society benefit a great deal as music is a big contributor of the economy through taxation. To sum it all music is produced by one or a group of people, but it belongs to the whole humankind, as people are the funs of music and not necessarily the performer. People should not have the freedom to download music free from the internet. Some people download for their own use while some go to an extent of doing commerce with the downloaded copies. This depends on the nations laws concerning the music industry.

For instance, in Canada it is legal for one to download music for personal use but not for sale. Through this the people who are downloading pay a small fee for recording a blank CD, the money that is used by the government to support musicians and songwriters. Downloading music for sale is illegal, as that may not help the musicians in any way but other people hence killing the music industry (Dann 102). In some countries like United States, it is illegal for anyone to download music from the internet free, as this is a way of weakening the music industry. Some exceptions are there for anyone who may download a copy for his or her own use. The United States code protects the owner of the music from any unauthorized reproduction and supply of their copies of music.

The main challenge facing the music industry globally is loss of revenue, as this hits their complaints everyday. If anybody manage to download his or her favorite music from the internet, such a person may not see the need of going to the shop to purchase one. Most of the musicians complain regularly of the money they loose because of music downloading. The research done shows that the music industry loose about 20% of their revenues to downloaded music annually. The music industry incurs a great loss through file sharing that would be hard to define the exact amount. Free downloading should be stopped fully as it affects several individuals starting with the industry, performers, sound experts, studios, and even the music shops.

The best initiative of starting to avoid the free download of music is by the musicians complaining. The musicians should start fighting back for this action as it depriving them their hard-earned revenue. The people who are responsible for creation of peer-to-peer programs where the music files are shared should be held responsible and answerable. These people should be answerable for pirating music (Dann 123). Through them, these programs would be deactivated, and hence people have no option of obtaining their favorite music other than going to the music shop to purchase. If downloading music becomes impossible, the music industry will be in a position to enjoy the money they loose to these actions.

Just like anyone who works hard to enjoy the fruit of his or her work, the musicians and their companion groups who make their work a success should have the chance to benefit from their work and expand. It can be impossible for the music industry to catch up the individuals who download the music, but through the authors and the programmers of the software should be held responsible (Dann 107). On the other hand, any download and writing of the blank CD should be with a fee to benefit the music industry. Through this, the industry may be in a position to recover some of its money and expand its operation, and be sure of the future continuity.


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