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The Role of the Nurse Practitioner in the Hispanic Community

A Nurse practitioner is a registered nurse who is aware of the roles of nursing in relation to the advocacy and education of patients. Nurse practitioners also possess skills related to physical assessment and diagnosis as well as management of acute and chronic diseases. With the prevalence of acute diseases which are brought about by engaging in behaviors such as smoking and consumption of alcohol within the Hispanic community, this paper seeks to address the roles of nurse practitioners in promoting the needs of the community.

A nurse practitioner in a typical Hispanic community takes various roles in order to meet the needs of the community. Nurses are involved in noting and assessing the history of the patient as well as doing a physical examination (Chilton, 2015). Moreover, they do and analyze laboratory tests of the patients as well as provide the necessary medication. Nurse practitioners in the Hispanic communities are also involved in the communication with patients and education of the community about the benefits of a healthy lifestyle.

In the Hispanic community, the nurse practitioners use their skills in various settings including nursing centers, health programs in schools and work sites, agencies related to health promotion and housing developments. At the same time, these communities have vulnerable populations which are at a greater risk of getting acute lifestyle diseases. The vulnerable groups in Hispanic communities include the elderly who are frail, individuals who are homeless, smokers, mothers and individuals with a sedentary lifestyle. Nurse practitioners in the Hispanic community specialize in various areas such as women health, oncology, neonatology, health in schools and psychiatry. Some other practitioners also specialize in family medicine.

There are several other roles which are performed by nurses in the Hispanic community including the creation of awareness and increasing knowledge of diseases such as diabetes and cardiovascular ailments. The nurses also take part in changing the habits of patients so as to reduce the risk of getting such diseases (Chilton, 2015). Furthermore, nurse practitioners in the Hispanic community identify the strategies for prevention of diseases and distinguish the effective from the non-effective ones.

Nurse practitioners also examine the barriers associated with the health care system which reduces the interactions that occur between the health care providers and patients. The nurses also develop and maintain outreach programs for the neighborhoods in the Hispanic community. However, the most outstanding and effective role of the nurses includes combining of the medical knowledge with the ability and authority to diagnose illnesses and prescribe medicaments to treat a specific disease in a particular lifestyle.

Nurse practitioners in the Hispanic community also build relationships and develop the strengths of patients while taking into consideration their needs. The training of nurse practitioners mostly focuses on the diagnosis and treatments of specific diseases (Raftery, 2016). Moreover, it creates foundations of care and prevention. In the Hispanic community, nurse practitioners promote education and reinforce the management of chronic diseases. They empower the patients to take care of themselves and instill lifestyle changes so as to prevent the exacerbations of the disease.

Nurse practitioners also help in reducing the expensive trips to hospitals which is beneficial to both the patients and medical system. The nurses can help in treating of patients who have elevated cholesterol levels. In this specific case, a nurse talks to the patient regarding their diet and the exercise routines (Raftery, 2016). For this to happen, the nurse has to be fluent in Spanish as well as know patients’ lifestyle. This may give them knowledge on the amount of fat in the diet so as to make the necessary suggestions.

In conclusion, a nurse in the Hispanic community has several roles in promoting the needs of the community and enhancing the health status of the individuals. The most important role is to educate the community on healthy lifestyles and appropriate attitudes to prevent the spreading of acute diseases. Other roles of the nurses within the Hispanic community include the examination of barriers in the healthcare system as well as diagnosis, treatment and prescription of drugs. In a nutshell, nurse practitioners typically play the role of a physician in the Hispanic community.


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