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Communities in Los Angeles

This essay examines the experiences of women and other minority communities in great Los Angeles. It establishes the challenges that they face in their efforts to build a perfect community in Los Angeles. According to literature, women, blacks, Latinos as well as Native Americans faced a lot of challenges as they tried to fit into the community of the people of Los Angeles (Douglas and Nancy 2).

The minority groups have lived from time to time in dire need of basic requirements. For instance, the Native Americans lacked quality education, healthcare and other social services during the reign of President Ronald Reagan, as the government slashed a considerable portion of aids meant for this community. Actually, such insensitive policies were a result of lack of their participation in the mainstream politics. However, this stopped soon after the president appointed his education secretary from one of the minority communities. President Reagan appointed Lauro Cavazos from the Latinos to be his education secretary at the moment, when social oppression against the small communities was quite evident (Douglas and Nancy 34).

The immigrants from the neighboring Mexico suffered unemployment and constant job losses for those who were lucky to secure one. On arrival to Los Angeles, American agricultural entrepreneurs would immediately offer them jobs in their farms. In some instances, they would double up with jobs in small industries in order to cover the deficit. However, they later learnt to survive in Los Angeles and avoid exploitation by the labor masters. The blacks on the other hand were also quite socially segregated and economically exploited by the farm owners, who hired them to work for them. This necessitated the emergence of the activist moments that eventually led to their social recognition (Douglas and Nancy 42).

In conclusion, the community of Los Angeles has always excluded the minority groups like the Latino, blacks and women. However, this is fast changing as civil organizations have consistently pushed for social quality.


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