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In many international institutions, there always arises a problem that makes it difficult for countries to agree on policies and laws that bind the several countries together. This problem is mainly caused by the idea of compliance in policies of international institutions. However, scholars argue that compliance is necessary. Moreover, these scholars argue that enforcement is not a necessary pre-requisite for compliance and that in case of compliance problems, these problems are addressed as management problems rather than enforcement issues. Therefore, it is the management aspect of an international institution that paves the way for the reduction of compliance troubles. The managerial thesis mostly emphasises on the assumption that the compliance of states to laws that affect their various institutions are of a high standard without the application of enforcement. According to this thesis, the aspect of compliance and co-operation is not a result of threat; but rather the willingness of countries to cooperate. The thesis sites the reasons of noncompliance to be the misunderstanding of treaties, the limiting factors of the different states, and the untameable social and financial transformations. The thesis further notes that retaliation in form of economic sanctions cannot be useful as a tool of enforcing compliance because it seldom works for wealthy countries. Noncompliance cases can be most likely preferred to problems that need to be solved rather than mistakes that need punishment.

There are, therefore, various ways in which compliance can be maintained; one of these is advancing the steps that lead to conflict resolution. There is also the factor of improving transparency that ensures that all countries agree on issues that affect international institutions.

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