Free «Improving Human Rights» UK Essay Sample

Improving Human Rights

Human rights can be improved in several ways. I would make campaigns have hunger and poverty eradicated. By doing this, it may make the people who get attacked by hunger and poverty to consider themselves to be worthy living. I can do this by trying to link up with international bodies to get enough funding. I would also try to introduce a policy to the government. This policy would make sure that each and every child should be entitled to achieve primary education which should be universal. I would also make sure that there is enough awareness in the gender equality. Having women share their views and opinions would reduce discrimination and hence make the women enjoy their rights more. I would also request the international bodies which deal with human rights to make environment sustainable. This would make the people in the region safe and comfortable. I would also make sure that there is a global partnership in development. To achieve the development goals, there should be total participation by the people in policy issues, nation planning and development. There should also be non discrimination to small groups and to disaggregate data. This should be done in order to see who enjoys what rights. There should be equality in opportunity, law and other out comings. There should also be transparency in the state political processes by the general public and the media. I would also make sure that the human dignity respect rises. There should be empowerment of the people in the state. I noted that these can only be done by creating awareness to the people by having policy campaigns. There should also be an assessment and analysis distribution of power, capacity and root causes. These should contribute to the programming of the development. I should also make sure that there is a programme guide indicator and formulation set which should be used in monitoring and evaluating. One of the major steps in achieving this is by making sure that people know their rights well. This could be done by campaigns and make advertisements in the media portraying human rights. If this can be achieved, it could lead to the citizens having a more enjoyable life.

Human rights goals can be summed up as freedom from want and fear and ability to develop someone’s potential. Protection of human rights can help form a democratic from of the ruling in any institution. A democracy that if functional and can accommodate diversity is becoming the world’s best in power concentration in the faithful hands of a few. This leads to lesser abuse of power and hence low discrimination. It also shows that if we can give women power in the company, they can be able to make the company move forward. This is because some women do have strong and bright ideas and they can only be able to give and use them when given a chance. The readings also show that having respect to all the people that I work with regardless of race, gender, color or religion can have better performances in any field of work (Sumner 215).

My main point in giving examples of human rights development activities is to highlight the indented fact. This fact shows that human rights movement as a whole do incorporate in a notable way, norms, goals and features that can lead to improvement of human rights. This includes the whole life that all citizens are supposed to enjoy. However, as studied in the paper, this is not mainly the case. Some people neglect women and children, making it a contrast to the set human rights. Everybody is significantly beneficial to this world. Everyone should be entitled to his or her own right. I should listen to my heart to open and to do what I think need to be done to help others. I noted that even having a word of encouragement can make a difference to the people whose rights get violated. I understand that everyone is valuable, is extremely much needed, and of immense importance just like me.


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