Free «Reach Out and Elect Someone» UK Essay Sample

Reach Out and Elect Someone

During capitalist periods adverts were rationally proposed as either true or false. However, things have changed and they can now be considered testable and rationality is not considered. By showing manufacturing requirements rather than providing the product that meet the exact needs, commercials result into destruction of essential requirements for the existence of capitalism i.e. the buyer and seller are both mature, rational and well informed people who have the ability to develop reasonable decisions through mutual self-interests. The use of television has also made us believe that all problems are solvable fast by the use of technology. This format can result into undermining of the democratic process.

Politicians were also not marketed on television. However, things have changed and currently, they are regarded as celebrities and appear on TVs not because of political reasons, but because of game shows, commercial adverts and dramas. This stated exploding in mid 1980s. When a politician appears on television, he does not offer an image of himself on the television, but he displays himself s an image to the audience. This is because the audience is also mostly impressed by the person who reminds them of themselves despite being against their self-interests. In the past, people voted for a party without regard to the person who was nominated on that party. However, the rise of politician as a celebrity people usually do not care which party the politician is nominated in but the person who is nominated in that party even if the party does not fight for his personal interests. This implies that self-interest which used to be the ground on which a voter made his choice is no longer factor but psychological.

The other characteristic associated with the use of TV is that it produces no context and therefore, no history. A widespread cultural amnesia is associated with the use of television. In the past when the essence of information was mainly written information, there was realism and crucial events that took place had far-reaching and lasting effects. This is because history is determined by the essence of literature due to the existence of every word, sentence or paragraph and their readability and reference activities can be done at any time. On the other hand, television is focused on present medium and images found on the screen only appear for some time after which they disappear and cannot be recovered again. It does not provide realism, as data is not available for long enough to enable realism to be felt. The problem is not because information is not easily accessible, but because of existence of too much information and these results into irrelevance of information. Thus if an image paper on the screen disappears, it becomes irrelevant regardless of whether the events are still ongoing and no resolution has been arrived.

According to Orwell, the government has been given the authority to control information. This is much similar to the age of books which according to Huxley where banning of books was common in the age of print. Currently, in spite of the cry for the stoppage of banning of books, television has resulted into their displacement. There is currently lot of television with simplistic and non-contextual things.


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