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The American Constitution

The American constitution is one of the best constitutions in the surface of the earth at the moment. I have to agree with that from the onset of the discussion. This is because looking across the nations; I have come to realize that the American constitution is not only comprehensive in humanity coverage but has also been very profound in the development of the human race in the country (Bardes, Shelley, & Sch, 2010).

At this particular point, it would be imperative to sate that for sure, the American constitution do offer the greatest privileges and opportunities to human development more than most constitutions. Moreover, the American constitution goes beyond the written pieces of paper, but covers the efficient and meaningful application and implementation to the citizens in all the spheres of life. American constitution therefore has the strength of the appropriate application and implementation to the benefit of the people concerned. This is what makes the American constitution more peculiar and different from the other constitutions world wide (Berkin, 2002).

From the onset, it would be possible to point out that in the American history; the constitution governing the country from the earlier times is no different from major constitutions in the world (Tocqueville & Spencer, 1839). In fact, I would consider some constitutions to be better off than the United States constitution. The only difference the American constitution has from other constitutions why we have to respect and identify the American constitution as the best constitution ever lies in the level of implementation. In many countries, the country governance plays a major role in the determination of the authenticity of the constitution during the constitutional use.

The process of the constitutional implementation requires a lot of sobriety on the part of the leader in the land in which the implementation is done. In many cases, the country governors of many developing countries try to fix situations so that the constitutions favor them. How many times has it been noted that the political monarchs in the developing countries change their constitutions in the last minutes towards the end of their political realm and reign to make the constitution favor their re election to the official and higher offices of power.

More painful are situations where the majority of the leaders do carry out outright and direct methods of blurring the constitution and clinging to power with a lot of impunity. Such leaders do not bother to change the constitution to favor them but they simply ignore the constitution and go a head to reject and assume the existence of the constitution and act ultra vires to the constitutional needs (Bardes, Shelley, & Sch, 2010).

From the foregoing discussion, it is important to note that the constitutional privileges for the benefit of the citizens are not what are written on pieces of paper. It require the people concerned to go a step further and develop the culture of sound and open mind in the implementation of the written components of the constitutional make ups. The American constitution has been held with a lot of self esteem following the efficiency in the constitutional implementation of the written constitution.

Constitution and development of democracy

The American history has seen the constitution developing the highest levels of democracy in the united sates to the citizens of the country (Tocqueville & Spencer, 1839). For many years, the American governance has ensured that the Americans citizens do receive the highest levels of democracy which are brought forward by the constitutional needs. The high level of democracy has been held by all the regimes of the presidency irrespective of the political party in place. The high level of democracy involved in the development of the America as a country have also been influenced by the high level of transparency and accountability to which the state is subjected. At this particular point, it would be imperative to note that in the united state, the president of the sitting government is not given unnecessary immunity by the constitution (Bardes, Shelley, & Sch, 2010). All he people are given equal opportunity and any action which each and every member does pertaining to public interest must be done in line with the constitution. Such simple gestures have seen the country advance so much in the levels of justice offered to the citizens.

In some other countries and states therefore, the development of democracy has been so limited to the level in which the country or the state citizens do get the required justice from their own constitution. This simply implies that a county may have similar constitution as the united states, but the moment they do not fully implement the same constitution for the benefit of the citizen, then their well written constitution becomes null and void and the writing becomes useless in of literature on a piece of paper.

The American constitution has also been very instrumental in the development and upholding of the human rights in the country. In all the nations, the people elect the government into power which then form the country management force for a given period of time according the their own constitution. During the time the government is in office, it should be in a position to uphold and maintain high standards of ethical considerations concerning the maintenance of the human dignity and values (Bardes, Shelley, & Sch, 2010).

In the American country, this has been upheld with a lot of esteem. The constitution is therefore made and implemented for the development of the person who is the citizen. In most of the cases, the constitution is not used against the people but for the people. This explains why the country is being emulated by many to be a good country. The constitution in America can therefore be described as that made by the people, by the people and for the people (Berkin, 2002). Many countries should therefore also strive to achieve the same conditions improving the humanity in their countries through the constitutional implementation.

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However, in many situations and in many countries, this has never been the case. In such countries like in the developing countries, the state, through the powers invested in their hands have acted otherwise and have not promoted their humanity and the human behaviors. The fact that many developing countries more so in the third world countries have really abused the sovereign nature of the state to bring about policies which are meant for individual consumption, mostly the individual in power.

Constitution and provision of justice

The American constitution has been use to develop the high level of justice to the citizens. Justice involves being honest enough to grant the citizens what they would require at the right time. Just practices require an unmerited sacrifice on the side of the country governor who provides the justice to the people. Notably, the need for justice though is considered a universal affair, its provision have never been easy on the side of the political leaders (Bardes, Shelley, & Sch, 2010). This is because in most cases, the provision of justice to the people would mean that the leaders have to sacrifice their opportunities for the sake of the common citizen.

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The American people and the American constitution have been respected for a long time because they held this very important aspect of the human need. In America, it is believed that the simple philosophy of delaying justice would mean denying justice is very profound in the development of justice among he people. That would mean that they do provide justice at the time when it would be required and to the person who require it. This is not only done without delay but also with a lot of openness and frankness.

This helps to draw a line between the constitutions in other countries and the American country. In many of the other countries, justice is a word written only in the books. Nobody is either willing or ready to undertake the activity in the light of constitution. As a result, many citizens end up suffering a lot in the provision of the same justice. It is a common place to find institutions which do not work well with the implementation of justice in such countries (Bardes, Shelley, & Sch, 2010). The trickiest situation is the realization that such countries have their legal structures so much awash with the electoral influence that justice is provided only in small portions and to only a group of people in the country.

Constitution and development of equality

The American constitution has been very critical in the development of communities. The theory of the social equality has been very important in the development of all the American people together and as a whole. There is the dire need for the people of America to be united in terms of culture, religion, race and gender. These are social respects and aspects which have a wide variations and diversification in the America as a sovereign state. The diverse cultures in the state are very paramount in developing the nation and if care is not well taken, the togetherness which America has enjoyed for so long even in terms of racial differences would not hold.

Considering the American constitution, the racial, gender and religious differences have fully been operational as per the constitutional requirements. This would mean that the effective use of the constitution has ensured enough equality and the development social and cultural integration of cultures in social dimensions (Berkin, 2002). The constitution in America has therefore given both the rich and the poor the chance to equally advance in their areas of endeavors. The white as well as the white are thus given the equal opportunity to exercise their rights without any favor at all to any party.

This is what has been lacking in many countries and cultures. More importantly, it is worth noting that many countries have seen ethnicity and racial imbalances penetrate up to the constitutional compositions. In such countries it would be practically impossible for a leveled ground to be afforded to all the races involved. Such simple show of racial equality has been highly achieved in the American constitution making it the constitution of choice among the people of the world (Bardes, Shelley, & Sch, 2010).

Generally, the American constitution is one which can be considered to have the individual and personal interests with the aims of promoting cooperation and social development. Notably, the moment the communities and individuals are given the equal opportunities for advancement, they develop in various designated areas (Berkin, 2002). As a result of such personal development pertaining to the personal talents and culture, the people of America have come to appreciate one another. Respect therefore has been developed and the people have learnt how to appreciate the other personality and cultures found in the country.

Constitution and cultural differences

America has a great variety of culture and cultural diversity. Similarly, there are a variety of religion and other socioeconomic variables. All these diversifies people are members and citizens of America must be brought together under the same constitutional management. Such a constitution must therefore embrace these diversified cultural set ups. The American constitution making and implementation must thus be considered in the pragmatic sense and upheld with the highest level of expertise possible. This has made America be such a respected multicultural centre with the most efficient cultural integration and social development.


However, in many countries, there have not been proper disciplines and policies put in place by both the governments and the people concerned to promote the cooperation of the people. Many constitutions have not recognized the cultural and social diversity as very important aspects of the human existence and peaceful cooperation between the people. The constitutions which do not recognize the importance of the cultural diversity consequently gives no account of protecting the personal development and growth.

Many people therefore have adored the American constitution as the basis of the American development and exemplary abilities to advance and achieve greater possibilities. Little do such people know that it is not only the right constitution written down on the piece of paper, but a lot more factors are involved in its implementation (Bardes, Shelley, & Sch, 2010). The major factors in the development of any democratic society thus go a long way past the written document. A lot of ethical values would thus be required to be put in place to make any system workable in any society.

This simply implies that it is not only the American country that it is possible to develop the right and democratic culture, but this is possible anywhere else in the world. All that is required is the right attitude of the stakeholders concerned and their commitment to the good course that will see any institution or any system prosper to the escalating heights of economic, socials and constitutional development. The countries with insufficient democracy will therefore not be in a position to achieve the similar heights unless they learn to cultivate and incorporate these important cultural a moral developments.

The development of such ethical values for the constitutional advancement and growth would require wise decisions made by the electorate to select the able leaders who are development minded (Bardes, Shelley, & Sch, 2010). Such personalities, once hey assume power should therefore be able to put in place the right strategies to help develop the right institutions that can carry forward the business agenda and business growth. The development would thus be on course with the right institutions in place thus development in all the major spheres of life.

This point therefore allows an open and free field of democratic growth in the field of constitutional developments. As much as many people and many countries emulate America, it is worth noting that so far, America could not be the score card in the area of economic changes and development as far as the constitutional matters are concerned. A country may as well perform in the same field better than America (Berkin, 2002). The governments and the people of various countries should therefore take the initiative to ensure that they develop in their own capacity and in their own ways applicable to their unique countries.

All countries have their own way of development

The major point of concern in this brief analysis revolve around the possibilities all the countries and their people have in the advancement and the development of their own democratic fields in their own countries. One would therefore ask why many people emigrate from their countries to go and live in America because of the favorable constitutional order in the place (Berkin, 2002). They do this at the backdrop of a lot of powers which they have to manage their own affairs. It all needs the concerned to understand the prerequisites of the system and then go ahead to implement on their own.

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Though the methodology of approach to democracy may be quiet challenging, but it is still possible to be done. The minor problems which the constitutional approach to development would be reduce powers of the state officials. Such reduced powers will see the country officials not enjoying their untouchable sovereign reigns and the development of dynasties. All these however point out to the win- win situations for the citizen of such countries

From the in depth revelations of the debate, it can be seen that all the countries have the potential to make their own paradise. In their own respective countries, the country managers, whether they are the presidents, kings or prime ministers should learn the fundamental principles of development of democracy and equality through the constitution in their own countries. Development of the right is institutions to see over the development agenda are therefore just very important. This mean that there is still more room for the country development of a constitutionally democracy society. America should therefore not be the limit and scale of measurement as a country still has the potential to outdo even America.


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