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Woman in the Society

Sula and her family embody the struggle that many single parents families go through to raise responsible and obedient children. It goes a long way to show that parents are the immediate role models to their children and any miscalculated move as they raise their children will translate into bitter consequences.

Furthermore, Morrison’s Sula paints an image of returning to the womb where life began when the Bottom community head for the tunnel at the climax of the novel. This signifies a new beginning for the black community, a beginning that is the opposite of the western culture that permeates racism and feminism. They cherish their not so distant past that was rich with moral values. The death of Sula inspires a belief of liberty from the American cultural chains.

In addition, pertinent issues of feminism and racism are evoked in Morrison’s ingenious Sula. In its chronological plot, it resurrects the memories of Feminist Movements and Civil Rights struggles that were formulated to liberate and enfranchise the African-Americans particularly the womenfolk. The fact that Morrison featured the theme of survival of the blacks in the Bottom community in Sula shows that a dark complexion proved to be their curse as far as opportunities amidst white people were concerned.

The definition, position and the role of a woman in the society is another issue that the novel begs an answer to. As can be noted, the family of Sula is despised by the entire community for going against the cultural norms of marriage and respect and entertaining loose conduct. Many men are seduced and sleep with Sula portraying that the male fraternity defines a woman as a sex tool. The woman is also considered as the one who bears children, a housewife and one who satisfies the emotional and sexual needs of her husband. It is no wonder that Sula defies the idea of settling into marriage. The perception of the woman as a weaker sex propelled her into to carrying herself as a man. She literary cuts the tip of her finger just to prove to some boys what she was capable of doing to them.

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