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Abraham and Isaac

There is a moving story of Abraham in the first book of the Bible, Genesis, where God put Abraham’s faith into test. After years of waiting with his wife Sarah, Abraham had just given up with hopes of getting a child. It happened that God talked to him and promised him a son who was born sometimes later. While approaching his teenage, God chooses the son named Isaac as a sacrifice. Abraham obeys God’s wishes deep heartedly. He leads his son to the mountains, makes an altar, and he is just about to stab him when God intervenes and provides a sacrificial lamb.

This is an example of a norm in our daily life. Abraham follows the norm because it is issued by the creator. Any norm pertaining God ought to be adhered to regardless of one’s personality. This norm falls under the “ought” category, where everyone regardless of his/her status in the society follows a norm. It fails to fall under the “is” category where one follows a norm on consideration of one’s status. Everybody is equal in the eyes of God, according to Christianity. This, therefore, does not give Abraham an exception in following the norm issued by God.

The immediate yearning interest of Abraham was to have his child Isaac alive. When God tells him to offer his son as a sacrifice, Abraham accepts. This implies that Abraham does not follow his yearnings and desires in the obligation to the norm. This could have made it a “desire” norm, where immediate desires rule in terms of whether to follow the norm or not. However, Abraham has a strong faith in God. His desire is to obey God and see the Kingdom of Eternity as a Christian. This implies that Abraham’s interest in the future relationship with God drives him to follow the norm but not his immediate desires. This put the norm under the “interest” category of the desire/interest pair.


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