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Popular definitions have revealed that it is the open denial of the existence of God. It is used to refer to the denial of religion and its claims by the use of logics, scientific and the personal and practical reasons. The common way in which the confusion among the atheists arises is in the fact that they deny that God does not exist while on the other hand, they are aware that God exists only that they do not believe in him. They believe that if what religion professes is true then all should profess it unanimously.

The atheists use their logical reasoning to put down the existence of God. Whereas some simply have the absence of belief in existence of God as their individual subjective line of thinking, the popular philosophers have posed their augments to deny the proofs that the religious groups have leveled to show that God exists. The major areas that the atheists have focused their opposition arguments are the conflicting beliefs of the religious groups like being everywhere at the same time. They also challenge fact that God exists but evil still is evident in the contemporary world.

The other logic that this group of people level against the theists is on the fact that the existence of God does not hold any water and is considered meaningless. They view the propagation of this pointy of view as lacking in sense and as promotion of blatant falsehood and denial of reality. These metaphysical ideas cannot be proven using scientific and empirical methods.

Other atheists use the scientific school of thought which majorly views it from the rationality point of view. This has been propagated in the light of evolution theory and the origin of all that exists. The biog bang theory has received a majority of support from these groups of people and they believe that just as the world originated from this means, so will it end too. The fact that the earth was made in an exceptional manner that distinguishes it from other planets with mankind in mind is not reasonable.

They argue that there I nothing like man having the image of God but man has evolved from chimpanzees, monkeys and hence belong to the same family. In addition, they also profess that religion has originated from minor scientific explanations of the origin of nature and its phenomena. However the scientists who believed that their science is incompatible with religion attempted to connect the evolution concept to be way God created for men to regenerate.

The other school of thought was from personal and practical reasons as a basis for having the position against God’s existence. They give social, psychological and educational inclinations towards explaining their atheistic position. These range from education and how one has grown up or educated. Some have not been exposed to an environment where religion is propagated and educated in schools where this belief that God does not exist is emphasized. Some have had unpleasant experiences with their traditions and beliefs that made them top live in denial of the presence of God.

Some atheists enjoy the status since the have an opportunity to explore a wide variety of world views and opinions rather than what they consider dogmatic beliefs that religion professes. On the other hand some have confessed that they have more fulfilling search for life questions through science than through faith which have proven to create disparities with people than help them. In all these angles of analysis, there is great evidence of a long history of beliefs held by the proponents over ages that surpasses the fight that is evident today. The ground of belief that is currently being voiced is a development that has been witnessed throughout the ages.

Over the recent decades, there have been significant changes in the technology as science has proven to solve just everything for people. This has created shift in attention of people towards technology and away from religion as majority abandon their faiths to settle for atheism which has proven to have evidence in explaining the mysteries that are present in the world.

A further extent of popularity is advanced by the many books that have been published by the staunch atheists like Richard Dawkins, Daniel Dennett and Bertrand Russell among others who have come out to defend their position in the wide public and encourage others to embrace the new found belief system and converted ones to also voice their position.

They are however not concerned about the position that the rest of the religious groups hold towards atheism as they consider it a minor issue which cannot be changed with every form of argument. The Christians have taken advantage of the freedom that has been given to everyone to hold o to the beliefs that are propagated by their faiths to impose their Christian beliefs upon everyone.

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The trend of criticism of religion that is evident around the globe has drawn public expectation that religious groups should reevaluate their doctrines and beliefs which is attainable but also worth provision for is the room for some to covert to atheism while some viewing the faith based beliefs in proper perspective. In spite of the fact that atheists do not desire for the whole population to become atheists, they detest the person without reason who follows a faith belief for unreasonable cause as compared to a person who become an atheist for unreasonable causes.They contend for the adoption of critical thinking and skepticism about the ideologies and beliefs and not just religion. Atheism is not skeptical but without advocating for skepticism, it cannot stand.

The debates that Christians have against atheists are related to aspects like the answers to real life questions like the meaning of life that is not answered by the atheists. The atheists have been public about issues of politics, moral foundations and the Christian perspectives ad the religious ideologies which are found to be wanting. Theirs is a forum where people have the freedom to think freely, critically and intellectually about the issues that have been given a transcendent weight and goes beyond the natural.

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The other avenue is the claim that some nations like America have most of the statutes in their constitution derived from Christian beliefs. The atheists beliefs tend renounce the religions and become more often promoting the state of nature to control the affairs of mankind. They have therefore been isolated more than the gays, lesbians and Muslims. They believe that in spite of their position of having no gods, they believe in some heaven and man having a soul in some way.


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