Free «Buddhism and Protestants» UK Essay Sample

Buddhism and Protestants

Jesus is the founder of Christianity, and Gautama is one of Buddhism. Therefore, the two have some similarities and differences. Firstly, Buddha did not associate himself with divination. He was just a man according to his teachings (Juergensmeyer, 2006). Gautama manifested himself in different forms. On the other hand, Jesus was not the manifestation of God, but the Son of God. His teachings were based on the divine nature of God from the beginning of his ministry to the end. Buddha claimed that he was showing the way. Nevertheless, he only showed the way to Nirvana and gave each person a responsibility to find his or her path. On the contrary, Jesus Christ did not claim that he came to show the way. The Buddhists state that salvation came through Gautama teachings. Christ taught that salvation was found in him as he stated that he is the way, the truth and the life. He came to give eternal life.

According to Buddha, the elimination of desire would consecutively lead to the elimination of any form of suffering and enlightenment. Christ taught that one should always have the right desire. He stressed that the main desire should be to know him more and more. Another difference is that Buddha did not perform any miracles in comparison with Jesus, who claimed to have the divine power to perform those miracles (Juergensmeyer, 2006). Lastly, Buddha was buried in a grave in the foot of Himalaya Mountains. The Christians believe that Christ is alive, since he conquered sin and grave. He also paid the price for sins of mankind, which was not the case with the Buddha.

As it has been analyzed above, Theravada Buddhism and Confucianism possess ultimate concern and a vision of the numinous despite the absence of God and the lack of concern for the afterworld. Indeed, they are religions in their own right. These religions are based on teachings that have a founder just like any other form of religion in the world. They also posses their own beliefs, and therefore, they are justified to believe in the way they do similar to other vast religions globally.


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