Free «Differences between China, Korea, and Japan» UK Essay Sample

Differences between China, Korea, and Japan

Your friend (roommate, spouse) is confused about the differences between China, Korea, and Japan. Using this course as your basis, explain to him or her in historical terms how these three countries differed over time and how they also came to share a common culture.Bottom of Form

Korea has had a number of dynasties for many years, the two main ones being the Koryo and the Chosun. The Chosun dynasty fell when Korea was invaded by Japan in 1910. This went on for 35 good years. After liberating itself from Japan, there followed an internal war that saw it being divided into two, the North and the South. Japan on the other hand periods such as the Nara and the Heian which were followed by the Tokugawa period in which it started developing itself as a world power. It later established itself as an imperial power by seizing other countries such as Korea, Mongolia Taiwan, but this was short lived as it was defeated during the World War II. It managed to pull itself from this and it is still a world power up to now.

China on the other hand is the oldest continuous major world civilization. Its many dynasties evolved an elaborate system of bureaucratic control that gave it an upper hand over her neighbors. Other tribes that tried to conquer it found themselves being assimilated into the Chinese culture thus strengthening it. All these three countries share some religious beliefs. For instance Buddhism and Confucianism from China have been tightly upheld by the Koreans. Shinto, Buddhism, Daoism and Confucianism and Christianity are practiced in Japan just as in China.

All these country practice the Chinese culture. This involves similarities in language, eating habits, similarities in education for instance the Japanese system of writing, the Kanji, was borrowed from China. Koreans speak their own language called the Hangul while Japanese has evolved from the many Chinese dialects (Vay, 1906).


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