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Extreme Impact

Discovery of America was one of the greatest exploration successes. This brought extreme impact on the continent and its natives. They were forcefully removed from their resourceful lands. Some were made slaves. Columbus wrote that they were well-built and foolishly friendly. One could use fifty of them to make the rest conform to the Europeans orders. Columbus took some of the natives by force so that they could show them what was in undiscovered parts of the continent. He also went to war with the Arawaks as they resisted slavery and forced labor. They had been forced to bring gold. There was increased farming since more Europeans came and settled.

This mission had impact on other continents. Asian markets became less concentrated. Europeans had found a new land to acquire better resources. Therefore, the economy of most Asian territories went down. Due to the desperate need for labor, the new settlers had to look for manpower. Africa became a victim of the slave trade. Many strong Africans were moved to America and made into slaves. Therefore, production by African natives went down as many of their strong men were taken into slavery. But Africa also gained from the introduction of new crops from the Portuguese in exchange of slaves.

Changes in Europe were more dramatic. The major source of income for the people was the land. Landowners would rent their land to the people and enjoy sharing the crop with the tenants and the peasants. Movement of some of their tenants to America meant that they had to desperately look for tenants. Gold was also flowing into European countries more than ever before leading to greater circulation of money in the markets. This made money and gold less valuable. Countries making the explorations were Spain and Portugal. They were less facilitated with resources to manufacture goods. Therefore, countries like England and Netherlands, which had the resources, had to go through the industrial revolution so as to meet the increased demands. Europe also went through dietary revolution. They were able to acquire a wider variety of foods, e.g. potatoes, pork meat and eggs. It also meant that countries had to go to war in selfish efforts to conquer America. Therefore, they experienced political revolution. Leaders had to be stronger to counteract the foreign opposition. The French went to war with England and North America.


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