Free «Liao, Jin, Mongol, and Qing Dynasties in China» UK Essay Sample

Liao, Jin, Mongol, and Qing Dynasties in China

What is sinicization? How did it affect the Liao, Jin, Mongol, and Qing dynasties in China? When and how did it affect Korea and Japan?

Sinicization also called sinification is basically language or cultural assimilation. It is specifically used to mean the assimilation of the Chinese language and culture by the non-Chinese groups. It is the process of becoming Chinese or Han. Many communities that came to china many years ago were mostly nomads, they there found Chinese writings, culture and language every where they went. They there found themselves over time doing what the Chinese did.

The Mongols for instance employed the Chinese fighting and defense methods that they effectively perfected and nowadays use them against their enemies. Many countries neighboring China such as Korea and Japan practice Chinese customs like eating rice, the use of chopsticks for eating and practicing Chinese religions. The Kanji writing system of the Japanese was borrowed from the Chinese (Bakhit, 2000).


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