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Likeness of God

The view thatmanreflects thetrueimage and likeness of God remainsundisputed. The holy book contains books and verses that directlyquotethe Almighty’s words. In the book of Genesis, the Lord says, “let us make man in our likeness”. Jesusarguablyreveals thetrueimage of God as enshrined in the scriptures of John that “anybody who has seen me has seen the father”. In the book of Mark, it is clearly stated that Jesus came to the Universe as the father in the human body. In order to know to whom he is the father, it iscrucialtoscrutinizethe way in which the Bible portrays Jesus. The Kingdom of Heaven belongs toman, but sinstandsto be the biggest obstacle towards theraceto enter the Kingdom of God.The questions that everybody faces is what are we doing to avoid sin and are we abiding by the Ten Commandments?

The understanding of the humanity of Jesus isnoteworthyfor one to underscore what challenges human fraternity. Jesus combines twouniquenatures of human and divine, his firsthumanitybeing asinlessperson. The sinless nature of Jesus qualified him to represent the human race to their creator. The sinless nature has made Jesus the veritable human being who ever existed. Jesus as a human being fully understands human beings; hence, if Christiansgoto Jesus theybenefitfrommercyandgetpeaceto see them through times of need.Through acknowledging that Jesus washumanand never committed sin, human beingsgetthe challenge of leading holy lives.

The Lord Jesus has ahumanbody, as indicated in the New Testament under the Book of John. Jesus exudes thequalityto have ahumanbody, emotions, will andmind. These words imply that the Lord did notbecomeamanpartiallybut ratherwholly.Jesuswas bornof a woman like every otherindividualon earth.After his birth, Jesus grew up responsibly under the watchful eyeof his parents. He couldvisitthe church to discuss spiritual matters concerning human beings at a remarkablytenderage. According to the Scriptures, Jesus grew and becamerobust, having been endowed with wisdom and God’s blessings. Parentsare obligedtoshowtheir children the ways of leading aholylifethat pleases the Almighty God.

The Lord Jesus hadhumanattributes of growing tired and gettingthirsty. Itis embeddedin the Scriptures that he wanted tomakethe word of God cometrue. He,therefore, said that he wasthirsty, and a bowl ofinexpensivewinewas carriedto the lips of Jesus. After Jesus had drunk the wine, he said that allwas finished. Humanity gets thechallengeof not giving up until anassignmentis accomplished. Jesus found himself amidst exceedinglytoughsituations in hisrelentlessefforts to preach the Gospel. After baptism and the blessings from heaven, Jesuswas directedto the desert tofacethe devil's temptation.


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