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Philosophy of Religion

Philosophy in religion seeks to address questions that arise in all forms of religion such as whether God exists and the meaning of his existence to humans. These questions are often inevitable, when examining religious beliefs. Arguments that seek to explain the existence of God have been in life for as many years as religion has existed with answers, varying according to one’s beliefs. Classical arguments, seeking to answer these questions, have been changing over time with some explanations have been abandoned. Other arguments that answer religious issues get refined over years. But the fundamental issues still arise up to date. The question of God existence arises out of incoherencies in traditional religious doctrines, concerning his nature, form and the perceived challenges of his just. Some of the issues that arise include contradictions in the doctrines and believes. For instance, the belief that God is just contradicts his forgiving nature, where the sins and his forgiveness cannot be reconciled. Alternatively, it can be argued that if there is the belief that his will is omnipotent, and he is omnipresent, then, how can he allow evil to exist? Therefore, where the doctrines appear to challenge the reality, then, questions often arise.


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