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Prophetic Theology and Preaching from Hosea 13 and 14

Hosea the prophet of God (true prophet) delivered God’s message to the people of Israel who had continued to sin and God expressed his anger in chapter 13 and later showed hope for the Israelites in chapter14 however this would come only if they repented as noted by Archie. In Hosea chapter 13, he warned the Israelites against Baal worship (worship of idols) which had been just modeled by man for example the image of a calf. In his message, he went ahead to remind the Israelites even about the way they demanded for a king and the implications of having a human king. In regard to this, God re-assured them of how he liberated them from the Egyptian slavery, fed them and cared for them in the extreme hot desert conditions but they forgot him and instead became proud. Therefore, because of the rebellious nature of the Israelites, God would bring about massive destruction on them such that men, women, and even their children would not escape the punishment. Because the Israelites forgot their lord, God their savior, provider and helper, they were to face the lord’s sword when time comes.

However, Ironside suggests that, in Hosea chapter 14, there is hope for a better life for the Israelites only if they repented their sins which were the source of their downfall. Prophet Hosea informed the people of Israel to return to the lord their God and say, “Forgive all our sins and receive us graciously, that we may offer the fruit of our lips …” Hosea 14:2-3. In his message of hope to the people of Israel, he said that if they left their wicked ways of human sacrifice and Baal worship among other sins, God would love them freely, care for them, always provide for them and save them from death.

In a conclusion therefore, it is not a surprise that Prophet Hosea is referred to as, “ a prophet of both doom and hope”. This is evident in Hosea 13 (message of doom) and Hosea 14 (message of hope).


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