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Religion According to Foucault

Religion is establishment of a common belief and values which are centrally based towards certain cultural group, rituals, taboos, and superstitions. There are many faces of religion in the world. Religion is mainly based upon various symbols and traditions that are sacred and historical with the purpose of giving a meaning to its existence and mainly the existence of life. Most religions explain the meaning of life and its ethics holistically. Foucault therefore used episteme widely in his works. He emphasized that episteme is a foundation of knowledge which co-exist as entities of the system. Hence episteme is an apparatus that distinguishes the truth from a fault.

Michel (1966) emphasizes that history mainly proves itself from a certain truths. For instance religion is a form of episteme, that is, it mainly has a central belief upon a certain symbol. Therefore religion has so far changed since the time episteme period to another. He has been influential in cultural history where religion consists of underlying truths that make it be acceptable to the society. Apart from religion scientific discussions have also found some hidden truths for its meaning to exist.

Episteme if hence not only restricted to scientific history but a wider range of discussions. It is therefore based on assumptions which govern the people that operate within it and the theories with their opposing sides. This depicts sciences discourse. Episteme therefore in the order of things episteme is compared with a notion of paradigm. Paradigm thus describes patterns of event mainly in scientific discipline and how they occur. Therefore it sought to explain the theoretical structure of scientific ideologies which in turn religion is inclusive.

Therefore the study of religion is a mere product episteme. It hence explains the concepts of religious aspects and brings forwards the central meaning of it. It hence makes it possible to comprehend values and the ethics of religion and the foundation that builds it.


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