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The God Delusion

The presence of atheists and their fame is spreading across the world with the increase in their vocal stand on their position. These groups that have classified themselves among the faiths that exist in the world today have worked hard to create their space in the society as respected lot for the sake of their profession. These efforts, though, has elicited war with major religions especially the Christians who are categorical on the existence of God and the evidence of the same manifested in the universe and the life that is sustained within.

There is a culture war going on in America. This struggle is not just about political affiliations; it’s about the mind of America. Secularists, who are often atheists, are on a mission to expunge religion from the public Arena. Recently, atheism scored a propaganda coup with the media attention given to three best-selling books promoting a new and aggressive form of atheism:

The God Delusion by Richard Dawkins, Breaking the Spell by Daniel Dennett, and Letter to a Christian Nation by Sam Harris. Dubbed the “New Atheists” for their belligerent tone and militant intolerance, these authors have declared war on theism in general and Christianity in particular, and they have emboldened a new generation of skeptics.

Fyodor Dostoyevski is attributed with saying “ without God all things are permissible”. The problem with this new ideology that is being promoted is the inherent implication of the conclusion that one will inevitably arrive at if we were to live our life as though atheism is true.

Majority of religions have set themselves apart from the other professing that one who subscribe to their religion will have a sense of purpose in life. In other words, they claim that though different, the God that they all serve is one and call him by different names as it applies to their faith. This has created confusion from the observers from the secular world who have used this as the basis to deny the existence of God or do not believe in God. This and some other reasons are the explanations that atheists have given to reinforce their stand.

The paper therefore intends to look into the various facets of the discussion and to assess the possibility of having justified reason for this conflict.

The origin of the debate is believed to arise from major event where religious groups have suffered persecution in the hands of the popular world leaders and civil groups who do not subscribe to the teachings followed by the popular religious groups. The common examples are the Jewish holocaust that took place in the reign of Adolf Hitler in Germany who believed that the Jews, who subscribe to Christianity, were the reasons why the world suffers. They were emptied into a large acid tank a means of trying to wipe them from the face of the earth.

The others include the suicide bombing that have been experienced in the world in the recent past and presently in which the country of Israel has had wars in the Palestine region as the neighboring nations have strived to eliminate it. This has aggravated the countries whose values place Christianity as the faith of choice and which the foundations of the state are derived from. These include United States of America and its allies.

The other religious groups and the loopholes in their faith still hold their profession even though they have self defeating aspects in their values and beliefs. The isolation and lack of recognition inn the states have stirred them into wars like Islam who has incorporated suicide bombing as one of its values and provisions and use it to revenge on Christians and the others. In some nations it is popularly propelled in the form of civil wars, political uprisings politically driven strategies for the groups to be in power. The secular world has therefore used the chance the chance to withdraw from the belief in God and his existence since religion has been found to be wanting in providing foundation basis for the morality of the world. Their way has been paved way for the atheist to voice their beliefs and their deliberate choice to pursue this way of life. They claim that if God exists, then the confusion and contradictions should not be seen in religion and conclude that there is there is no God and do not believe in him.


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