Free «Thoughts abot the God» UK Essay Sample

Thoughts abot the God

There are lots of controversial things I have learnt in class as a result of the class lessons; it has come to my attention that the teachings that I get from school has restructured my faith as a result of what I have encountered through the teachings I get in class. This in some point affected the way I perceived or conducted myself in public, I had to adapt to the behaviours of majority students thus ensuring that I am closely related to the people living around me.

As I had indicated in the previous paper, my faith and believe in the existence of God will always remain as one constant fact, that believe tends to be the driving force behind my consciousness towards the existence of God and the creator and father of the universe, from the studies I have received in my classes it has emerged that there is a great difference between my religion and my studies.

I have been forced to adjust to some of the practices that I have learnt in the class, this will be in order to ensure that all I have learnt in class are practiced to a point which I can balance between my religious practices and my class works, this will to some point ensure that I am in a position of incorporating what is most sufficient. My religious beliefs and practices have been changed as a result of the teachings I have received in the course. At the same time some of my religious practices weren’t acknowledged in the course, thus this had to push me to the point of accepting my religious beliefs and practices. This was triggered by the fact that when our families moved from a place were our religious group was considered as a dominant religious group to another location where our religious group was a minority; we had to change our customary practices in order for us to be accepted community we were living in.

I had done through research that aimed at checking the basics of my religious practices and values; this is where I had researched that aimed at identifying the origin of God. At the same time I was also concerned in studying the practices that I am expected to portray in order to ensure that my practices are according to the commands and wills of God.

There are several concepts that are seen as most significant and at the same time cuts across all the religious practices around the world; this is because religion is believe to be the same in the world over. It should be noted that either of these religious groups believes that there is the existence of God; at the same time these different religious groups believes that God is the father and creator of the universe. Another great majority of these diverse religious groups believe that there is the second coming of Jesus Christ that will result to the resurrection of the dead and the beginning of judgment day.

There are several Christian individuals who have proven to be the most inspiring individuals to me at the same time a great challenge to me. A good example is the renowned Nun Mother Teresa of Calcutta; she has remained to be one iconic figure in the religious field and the social welfare world. Her works has inspired a lot of people from different religious backgrounds; this is from her devotion towards helping the Widows and the Orphans an activity that is very inspiring to me. At the same time challenging my conscious towards charity works the world over.


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