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Olive Garden Restaurant

Every human’s life has a lot of moments that should be held in solemn and exquisite consent with the atmosphere of elation and harmony. That is why we prefer to celebrate such occasions as birthdays and anniversaries, significant family events and important decisions, victories and achievements in the restaurant. Certainly, we choose an establishment the atmosphere of which complies with the mood of our celebrations. The Olive Garden restaurant chain positions itself as an oasis of Italian delicacy and romantic mood. I visit the Olive Garden in Provo on the occasions, such as the engagements or wedding anniversaries of my friends. Last Sunday, I happened to be there again due to my friend’s engagement party.

It should be noted that the future spouses had a lot of trouble making reservations at the restaurant. The place is often booked out due to high demand, especially on the weekends. Only a few restaurants are open on Sundays in Utah County, and Olive Garden is among such places. The house is always full, and the day of our visit was not an exception. There was not a single table available in the restaurant. I made an amazing observation that, in spite of being crowded, the restaurant did not have a noisy atmosphere. Anybody can feel an ease since the spirit of peace and elegance accompanies a visitor from the very first steps in the restaurant. Pastel olive colors prevail in the interior’s decoration, and slow melodic music invites the guests to relax.

It seems that the time is going slowly in this establishment. Slow motion of the staff was an unpleasant confirmation of such feelings. Our waitress was notably not in a hurry to serve us. We were waiting to order our meals for almost 15 minutes; it also took us about the same time to order and twice as long to wait till our dishes and drinks were served. Moreover, such an unfavorable trend was observed throughout the whole night. Waitresses did not pay attention to empty glasses, lacking napkins, etc. Our requests were fulfilled very slowly. At the same time, the waitresses were always cheerful and friendly. In such a pleasant manner, they offered us desserts when we were still eating the main course at least the six times.

In terms of the menu, one can see the Italian notes in its design. It is also convenient to use, easy to understand, consistent and offers a suitable variety of choices. According to the marketing policy of the Olive Garden restaurant chain, an accent is placed on Italian food traditions. There are numerous variants of pasta, creams and seafood in the menu, but meat lovers will be disappointed with the limited choice of the meat dishes. In spite of a limited choice, it is professionally cooked and tastes delicious. I would recommend the Gorgonzola Steak. The dish is creamy and comprises of five slabs of steak sprinkled with a harmonious touch of blue cheese supplemented with a tangy barbecue sauce that tops everything off, and it is beyond any praise.

Calamari appetizer deserves special attention: it is hard to prepare because it takes certain time to cook which is hard to guess. Our Calamari was overcooked and chewy. It was not worth a $9,79 that we paid for the dish. In contrast, Lasagna Primavera with Grilled Chicken ($10,99) was good and filling. I prefer hot lasagna and it was cooked exactly to my taste. Salads in the Olive Garden restaurant’s menu deserve endless praises. We chose a couple of items on our holiday table. I do not remember their names, but I distinctly remember the exceptional taste of banana peppers in one of them. It was an unusual, fresh and delicious flavor. I would not mind eating one like this every day, and I should say that it is not that expensive either. Salad is a part of Classic Lunch Combo that consists of soup, salad and bread-sticks and costs close to $7 for all. Only one salad was somewhat heavy and soggy, probably due to the wilted lettuce. It should be noted that almost all dishes here include a lot of oil and salt. It is not bad, but a bit too much for my taste. In my opinion, the salads and breadsticks (six sticks baked for a $2,99) are the hallmarks of the Olive Garden.

Summarizing my impression of the menu, I want to say that there are good-sized dishes at the available price and of good quality at the Olive Garden restaurant. Moreover, it includes a variety of dishes for children that are arranged in a neat style to appeal to them. One more reason to be thankful to Olive Garden restaurant is the mints served after eating anything with garlic. Desserts’ list is especially noteworthy. There are about ten items in the menu, and all have an appetizing appearance, rich composition and excellent taste. My friends offered different cakes for every guest, and all of us enjoyed them, even those who do not go for sweets. I have happened to taste Black Tie Mousse Cake ($6,99). It consists of rich layers of dark chocolate cheesecake that are supplemented with custard mousse, and it is extremely delicious. Desserts go well with the flavored coffee, cappuccino, fruit smoothies or lemonade. With my cake, I have drunk Frozen Cappuccino ($4) that adds to the dessert’s sweet taste some refreshing touch.

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Wine list is one of the unique and interesting propositions in the Olive Garden Restaurant. It offers guests world-class selection of Italian and domestic wines, including the ones from the Rocca Delle Macie Winery /Tuscany. One can enjoy wines from the award-winning local vineyards in California, Washington, and Oregon. The most expensive bottle of Porta Vita Signature wine costs $40, but, as for me, it is worth it. Variety of the wines, as well as their presentation style, offers the guests the moment of surprise. The restaurant has a unique approach to the selection and presentation of wines, and the wine recommended would be suitable for your dish. This process is very exciting and may be the main merit of the Olive Garden restaurant. I would recommend the chain’s owner to think about organizing professional wine-tasting there one day.


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