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If you are currently involved in the process of dissertation writing, you must probably know that properly written dissertation chapters are constituents of this massive piece of writing. Each dissertation chapter should be properly organized and structured, and devoted to a separate aspect, idea or subtopic. As a rule, an average dissertation is divided into the introductory chapter, topic overview chapter (or literature review chapter), one more dissertation methodology chapter, discussion chapter, and, finally, a conclusion chapter. It is evident that dissertation writing requires much time and dedication, so writers are required to put much effort into the preparation process. One of the most frequent mistakes is when students cannot properly arrange dissertation chapters in a logical and coherent manner. Therefore, if you are a student and doubt if you have properly structured your dissertation, then it is strongly recommended to seek assistance from professional dissertation writers. As such, PrimeEssays.co.uk is eager to help you with any type of academic papers and even with such complicated ones as dissertations.

What Are the Chapters of a Dissertation?

There are writing guides, which consist of different sections called “chapters.” It may sometimes confuse those writers who used to more general terms, such as “subsections,” “paper parts,” etc. Still, chapters refer to bigger subsections. In any case, a dissertation needs to contain an introduction, literature review, methodology, discussion, and conclusion.

Now take a closer look at the peculiarities of chapters in a dissertation and check out the following information:

  • Introduction

This is the very first chapter that you provide after the abstract. The main difference between an abstract and introductory section is that the former refers to paper synopsis. It actually presents a brief summary of the paper, and is thus; written after the whole dissertation is done. The latter, on the other hand, pinpoints to the central problem of the dissertation, provides background information on the topic, highlights significance of the research, and finishes with a strong and argumentative thesis statement. Preferably, the thesis should be formulated on average in three sentences. Make sure that it is some catchy or controversial claim that you put forward.

  • Literature Review

This part comprises a bulk of your paper. It should actually be the longest one among the chapters of a dissertation. Many students consider it as the most tedious section as they require much time to study numerous sources and then properly summarize and critically analyze them. An important thing here is that all sources (and there are many of them) that a student has to review should be relevant to the dissertation topic. Moreover, the materials should be taken from various sources (books, magazines, scholarly journals, peer-reviewed sources, online databases, etc.). Actually, this chapter should contain relevant examples pertaining to the core dissertation idea.

  • Methodology

Here you are required to provide details of the research you have conducted, which research methods were applied, which tools used, and other relevant details referring to the methodology chapter.

  • Discussion

Here you may apply your analytical skills to discuss the ideas that were not properly covered and predict the research outcome.

  • Conclusion

In this chapter, you have to summarize the whole paper with its findings, discussions, solutions, predictions, and recommendations.

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