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The Pact

The documentary The Pact is written by Kalin. The Pact is about three young African American men who came into America in the hope of living the American dream. The three men were able to resist the hazardous lives most African Americans lead to become successful doctors. They were courageous enough to overlook the racism and discrimination that African Americans face, and they emerged successful. This is an inspiring story that teaches other young African Americans that there is more in life than the crimes, the gangs, and drugs in the streets. (Davis, 2003)

African Americans have for a long time been marginalized, and most opportunities pass them, because they lack the will power to stand up and fight for their rights as Americans. However, these three men showed the world that everything is possible, and they beat the odds. The three men bonded by the problems they encountered at home and the desire to be successful made them leave their homes for medical school; and once their objectives got fulfilled they went back to their community and homes to act as examples for other youngsters, who were wasting their lives in the ghetto.

The documentary brings out the theme of racism and discrimination. At the time, African Americans faced discrimination and got deprived of the privileges the white folks had. In addition, the black society had accepted their fate as a minority group, and so they lived in impoverished neighborhoods, where they indulged in criminal activities and drugs dealings for survival (Davis, 2003).

The men, just like Martin Luther King Jr., recognized the potential in them and decided to exploit it maximally. They went against the norms of the society and joined the medical school - a fact that many blacks considered impossible to achieve. Determination is also a significant aspect in the documentary, where the three men persevered to go through medical school successfully. Had they been weak, they would have given upon and opted for the easy way, where they would rob others or even deal drugs.

Unity is also a significant aspect in the documentary. The three remained united, encouraging each other along the way when times were tough and harsh. This can be equated to the unity African Americans showed during the last elections by voting for a black President. This unity went a long way to show the world that America fought together against racism and discrimination. In addition, this unity was symbolic to show that a united nation can bring positive change in the society compared to a divided one (Perlo, 1975).

The documentary focuses on the changes the society has taken in over the past decade. For instance, there were times black students were never let to study in colleges with their white counterparts. However, this has changed, and a new America was born - the America where both blacks and whites had equal opportunities in life. The only determining factor is the hard work and determination one put in all what he/she does. For example, no one ever thought that blacks, like President Obama and Condoleezza Rice, could prove to the world that with unity and determination, anything is possible, yet they did that and even much more (Davis, 2003).

The three doctors used education to help them escape the doomed future that seemed eminent in the ghetto. As a result of their success, they returned to the community to urge others to study hard so as to escape as they did. They sacrifice so much by putting in extra work in hospitals and the community in general. Thus, they have showed the community that it takes determination, unity, and a lot of sacrifice to become successful in life (Romm, 2010)


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