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The followers of Sikhism also known as the Sikhs or disciples, follow the root of their religion to a region called Punjab which is in the northwest side of India. The, as result of the two cultural and religious interaction Sikhism was formed with a fusion of the two as it practices some religious beliefs and values that are similar to the two.

According to Sikhism’s Guru, the disciples and even the sacred writings of the religion, Guru Nanak was the founder and first follower of Sikhism. He was born in a Hindu family that lived in Pakistan, where he served in different jobs to feed his wife and two children meanwhile his religious interest continued to grow and at on point in his life he deserted his own family and home with the main aim of spreading his belief in Sikhism. Sikhs practice some religious cultures and values that are similarly practiced in Hinduism and Islam, for example the Sikhs are deeply devoted to their religion, they believe in their spiritual leaders of which for Sikhs it is Nanak just like for Muslims it is Prophet Mohammed and their dressing code is also similar to Islam and Hindus religious dressing code, they can attribute these mix in religious cultures to the early association of the founder Nanak and his great friend Mardana who was a Muslim, the two formed a joint religious associations where they held devotions, religious discussions and sang hymns together, even after Nanak left his home and family Mardana followed him to spread their religious belief that was Sikhism.

Sikhism has grown from a religious association that was aimed at fostering peace between two different communities, it went on to become an organization that was headed by Gurus, and the religion now has a collection of hymns and sacred writings. Some of the notable gurus include Nanak who was the founder, Angad, Amar Das, Ram Das, Arjan the 5th guru who complied the main sacred book Adi Granth and the Gobind Singh also referred to as the Gobind the lion, he is the 10th guru viewed as the final and highest authority in Sikhism and is credited with setting up a special military to guard the gurus and protect the Sikhs from Islamic attacks, he also set Adi Granth as the sole authority of Sikhism.

Sikhism started as an association to foster peace between two communities, thus it’s a true religion and Nanak teaching and views of God are not in anyway divergent to those of modern Christianity and Muslim religion.

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