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Social Intelligence

Social intelligence refers to interpersonal capabilities based on specified neural circuits. These circuits trigger emotional reactions in people’s mind affecting their relationship with each other in a social setting. The brain chemistry dictates how people behave as they interact with each another. Actions of leaders impact emotionally on their followers since the brain of both the leader and follower has to react. These reactions are either conscious or unconscious and they give meaning to a leader-follower relationship.

For people to change their behaviors, they must have the willingness to change. People should set their own goals of change and engage on a mission of assessment. It is through assessment that people discover their weaknesses and strengths mainly from the feedback expressed by others. Showing empathy to others enables people to change their behavior from being self-centered to being mindful about others. People can also change by observing successful behaviors of other people whom they regard as being their role models. Consistency is also important as it makes the new behavior stick in the mind of a person thereby minimizing chances of the old behavior being repeated.

Being empathetic means being associated with another person’s feelings. Thinking or feeling types use emotional intelligence as well as being logical. This enables them to get to greater depth and height of depression and fulfillment of other people respectively. This puts them in a better position to empathize with people. From this it is clear that thinking types are authentically empathetic because they tend to understand other people’s feelings better than other personality types.

If a chance was created for asking Daniel Goleman a question, I would ask him whether social intelligence is applicable in all industries/organizations and if not, what other options are there for organizations where emotional intelligence cannot apply.


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