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Change Processes

It is important to note that education is not all about learning and skills, but it involves more such as the development of a young child in their ability to learn and develop academic skills. Academic skills are important since they mould a child to be able to develop in thinking clearly and creatively. Development of academic skills involves teaching children the basic skills required to make informed decisions. Education is not just reading and writing rather is a combination of life skills that should start the first day of academic school.

Children’s thinking process includes learning of skills used together and often seen when a child encounters a new or interesting situation. Play and involvement in children’s activities increases the process of thinking for a child and improves the child’s thinking skills. Adults also get to know of the child’s understanding of the world when they involve themselves in child’s play activities. People can also get to understand how children communicate thoughts from observing children at play. Thinking process includes metacognition, which is the knowledge of peoples thinking process. This can be monitored through observation of how people approach learning and general understanding of the whole thinking process. Motivation to continue with a difficult task also contributes to metacognition.

Research in the childhood development is an ongoing process since no one child is the same as the other. Every study carried out on a group of children gives different results from the others. The only common denominator in the development of the learning process in children is that children learn from observation. They look at what others around them are doing and copy the action albeit in their own way at times. This is a cognitive approach to learning since it used recognition of the task. Children are always in the look out to get and learn something new. They can make p a game to play from nothing thus their creativity is quite high. Studies will often give results that assist in developing and honing these creative skills, to give a platform to teach children new skills and improve their abilities.


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